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The name alone brings vibrance, exclusivity and beautiful scenery, not to mention that Asia is one of the most incredible locations this world has to offer...

Best places in China

Forbidden City, Terracotta Army, Great Wall Of China, Suzhou, Temple of Heaven are best places to visit...

Things To Do in China

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China has enchanted and bewildered visitors for ages. The continent's combination of energetic cities, traditional architecture and exotic...

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Everybody wants to just get away even for few days...

Cruising The China

Cruising the China is a wonderful, fulfilling experience!

One of cruising's all-time favorite destinations, enjoying a well deserved surge in growth and popularity over the past two decades, has been China. With an ever increasing number of new cruise ships being introduced each year, plus the cruise companies designing new, exciting itineraries, and with more and more people finding the joy of cruising as their favorite mode of travel, many more lucky cruisers are able to enjoy the exciting, immersive, relaxing and educational experiences that China Cruises brings!

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INCREDIBLE China Destinations

Forbidden City

Forbidden City also known as Palace Museum, which is located in the heart of Beijing, the capital of China constructed in 1420 escalated in area of 180 acres complex of buildings.

Terracotta Army

The Terracotta Warriors in Xi'an are so astonishing, seeing an strong frozen army of 8000 in time for the past 2000 years constructed in 246–206 BC.

Great Wall Of China

It is one of the greatest monument of 7 wonders of the world which was built 2000 years ago which is 6000 km long and it’s height is 5-8 meters.

Temple of Heaven

It is One of the most sacred and respected religious place in China, constructed 600 years ago in Beijing where the emperors of the centuries (the Ming and Qing dynasties).


This place draws tourists attention because of its ancient Chinese gardens and some old "water towns" that are towns with canals.

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